Reading for Ruth


First, a little about the spread I used in this reading, which is a Seal of Solomon (Star of David, hexagram) spread. It reads very differently than the vast majority of spreads you’ll find if you were to do a Google search for it, so I have included it here.

In its most basic overview, we have two triangles. An upward pointing triangle (from the point of view of the sitter) which would represent the things that are going well, or are less challenging within the context of the query, and a downward pointing triangle which are where there will be most challenges or things that may present hinderances, contradictions etc. The card in the centre is the current focus, and may suggest next approach.

There are far more complex interplays within the interelationships of the placement which we can discuss at length if you wish. I will interpret those complexities within the reading, but won’t labour the mechanics behind at this stage.

First triangle- upward pointing

First card; bottom left of upward pointing triangle. The Wheel of Change
This is a strong card to have here. In simple terms it suggests a positive change in circumstance, or a change that will be managed well, and you will not be overwhelmed by the changes. At the very least you will take them in your stride, but you are most likely to gain from it.

Second card; upper point. The Hierophant.
Another strong card here. Whatever happens from the change, you will learn from it and be in a better position as a result. You have the knowledge and experience to deal with the change, and “he who has the knowledge holds the light”, and suggest clear sightedness.

Third Card; bottom right. New Horizons.
Again, a great card. It says you have gone as far as you can within the current circumstance, and you are looking to expanding. This card is also about communication.

Combined, in the context of this triangle, something positive will cause your circumstance to change, you’ll embrace the change, recognise the opportunity to expand your horizons, and will remain in control (or control will be returned without conflict) of that circumstance.

Fourth card; The Moon.
You are finding inertia a challenge. When presented with two (or more) paths you may freeze for fear of making a mistake. Alternatively you may feel trapped (magnetically) in a cycle or a circumstance ( like you’re in a cul de sac?). You’ve perhaps become comfortable in the present circumstance and know you have to come out of it but you’re dreading it.

Fifth Card; Strength and Power.
This is a fulcrum, a working card, and it suggests simply that power and strength could be working against each other, or perhaps limited belief in ones own strength and power. “Do I have strength to handle the chaos?”

Sixth card; Rebirth, Resurrection.
In this aspect the suggestion is an unresolved issue or person from the past resurfacing (or a fear of it). However it is on the +ve corner of this triangle, which suggests a rising above that past and not being drawn back to it.

Read together, this challenge this triangle suggests that what is holding you back may well be a belief you’ll make the same mistakes of the past (rebirth), so paint yourself into a corner (moon). Belief that change requires more strength than you feel you have, or your strength is being channelled into just maintaining the teeter on this point. There is a path to be taken, but you feel confined by your past and your present, or are fearful of the change causing irreperable damage to them.

Central Card; The Priestess.
Excellent card here in this reading. It tells of a Lady at every station. She is the Handmaiden and the Princess, The Priestess and the Temple Servant, all at once.
It says even within the chaos of the onsetting change, she remains committed to her purpose in a principled way. She is valued as the confidante and trusted as the keeper of secrets, and brings peace to those who approach her in troubled mind.

In this reading destiny and fate are not fixed and you have the power to shape them (or more appropriately they will take shape from the form you issue into them). Face forward, and move forward in a principled way, and make sure options of change presented to you are clean and transparent in their dealings. Follow a lead, but don’t be misled. Remain true to your self and your beliefs, and you will calmly walk out of the storm.