Foolish Rambles

We have a journey, loosely mapped out. It follows a unidirectional lifetime, taking us sequentially (mostly sort of ish) via the 21 way stations along the route. Mike’s not that ordered or regimented though, and so there’ll always be curious side streets and snickets to explore. There’ll be conversations with interesting people we’d otherwise never have met and nondescript that led nowhere in particular but were still afternoons well spent.

It is here that those off track rambles meet so their stories can be joined. Some will be just a few short paragraphs, others will go on and on and on… such is the way with these things. They’re presented in no particular order. Definitely not chronologically, and unlikely to be categorised any time soon. Take a peek up them as they take your fancy.

A Ramble on… Final Judgement
from around 2005, (with recent minor changes)

A Ramble on… Jesus- a first approach
from around 2000, (with recent changes)