The Five Fools

The Jester Thumbnail

The Jester

The character most associated with the role of a Fool. Quick of wit, sharp of mind, cunning of tongue.

In The Fools’ Journey, The Jester is the Fool of the Mental Selves.

The Auguste Thumbnail

The Auguste

More commonly known as the circus clown, this character is most commonly involved in stunts that appear to go wrong. Invariably clumsy, with endless pratfalls and misthrown water buckets.

In The Fools’ Journey, The Auguste is the Fool of the Physical Selves.

The Pierrot Thumbnail

The Pierrot

When we see the pierrot, it tends to go hand in hand with tragedy and unrequited love. Painfully sensitive to the world that happens around him.

In The Fools’ Journey, The Pierrot is the Fool of the Emotional Being.

The Scarecrow thumbnail

The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow is without a brain, and without memory or expectation, and approaches everything with the awe of the beginner’s mind.

In The Fools’ Journey, The Scarecrow is the pureborn, innocent Fool.

The Harlequin

The Harlequin has mastered the skills of each of the other Fools, and is the equal and opposite of all of them. Acrobatic and yet still. Dumb and yet wily. Vibrant and yet invisible.

In The Fools’ Journey, The Harlequin is the Fool of The Unseen Worlds.

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